The 1963/64 Hagstrom Cromwell

This is a 1963/64 Hagstrom Cromwell. There aren't many of these left in exisitence. Hagstrom's advertising campaign
touted this neck as the "fastest neck in the world," and I have to agree. I've never played anything quite like it. Between
1963/64 there were only 300 of the 3 pick-up models produced and 200 of the 2 pick-up.

This Cromwell is in ORIGINAL condition, from the tuning pegs to the strap buttons. It plays like greased lightning. The sounds this guitar
produces are awesome. All of the switches work perfectly, with no crackle. The potentiometer works likewise. The Tremar Bar is
original and, believe it or not, you can "stretch" the dog-poo out of a chord and this trustworthy axe stays in tune.

Notice the offset on the second and third pick-ups. This changed in 1965 when Hagstrom went to rectangular in-line pick-ups.
Also take note to the input jack, which sits off the face of the guitar.

It reminds me of my "58" Buick. Same color, same sexy lines, bulges in the right places. It looks like Harley Earls's influence was seen
in many venues during this period in vintage design.

You can see the original plastic strap buttons. They're perfect. You don't see these on many vintage Hagstrom's, as they didn't take
the wear and tear very well.

Can you believe the King's Neck sticker is still in tact? It states " King's Neck with Hagstrom Expander Stretcher, Pat. Pend."
I guess that's the old speak for Tremolo Bar or Whammy Bar. There is a better photo of the sticker below.

What? No belt buckle scratches? Heck, it's barely broken in.

Looks like this could be a 1963 according to the serial number. It is the 62nd of the run!

This is a better photo of the sticker on the back of the tuning head.

It's a functioning piece of Art Deco.

Here's the original hardshell case. This is the bottom and look at how nice it is. The top is even nicer.
This was no "closet queen," just a very cherished piece of equipment.

Ok, the keys somehow got misplaced in the last 42 or so years. The hook on the accessories compartment is in tact.

Yeah, that's right. That's the original strap that came with the guitar!

This guitar was never refretted. The frets are still perfect. Notice the fretboard as well. Dare you to find any fretwear!

Well, thanks for viewing a truly amazing piece of guitar history. Hope you enjoyed the pix!
if you've got questions, e-mail me


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